Welcome toSanx Fertilisers Private Limited

Welcome toSanx Fertilisers Private Limited

Welcome toSanx Fertilisers Private Limited



Micronutrients are essential for plant growth and play an important role in balanced crop Nutrition. Micronutrient fertilizers contain traces of elements like boron, copper, manganese, zinc and cobalt and plants require these substances in small quantities.

Micronutrient fertilizers can be distinguished based on traces elements and are sometimes called poly-micronutrient fertilizers, contain two or more trace elements.

Zinc, manganese, copper, boron, molybdenum, and iron are the most-used trace elements used in micronutrient fertilizers

Micronutrients can be in chelated form or Non-chelated Form,further application of micronutrients can be through following means

  • Soil
  • Foilar
  • Fertigation
  • Other Applications

The demand for micronutrients has been rising in the recent years, due to accelerated rates of nutrient removal in better and high crop yields and increased availability of alternative micronutrient fertilizer products in the market.

The increasing micronutrient deficiency in soil seems to be one of the major factors causing a decline in yields. Supplying this nutrients through balanced fertilizers helps to boost yields intensely while sustaining the soil.


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Exponential growth through business excellence with focus on maximising stakeholder value by manufacturing and selling fertilizers, Nutrients Formulations, &chemicals in a reliable, ethical and socially responsible manner".

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Creating sustainable rural development in India

Boosting crop productivity and yeild by providing quality plant nutrients

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We are Inspired by the Values of BHAGWAT GITA, & taking that inspiration "SFPL shall deal in all aspects of Business with integrity, honesty, transparency and with utmost respect to the stakeholders, by honouring our commitments, providing results and striving for highest quality."


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One of the Best Combination of products, for higher yield -- Konakondla

Venugopal Chowdary

I am Having Cotton Crop, and after using products of SFPL I am very satisfied and thankful to them. -- Alampur

Chakkera Krishna

I am having crop of onion and I have tried the products, treatment, combination of product of SFPL in 1 acre and I am so happy that I have decided to do the same on my entire Land portion. -- Kurnool

Harinath Reddy

I find this company to be very ethical, great suggestions and more importantly they work for farmer’s development and not only for profits. -- Alur

Lokana Gowd

I am having 2 crops Chilly and Cotton divided in 48 Acres , I have observed that when I have used SFPL Products as per their advice, I was shocked to see the yield which was 20 % more than my average yield. -- Hathi Belagal

Moula Sab